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A painful and serious personal injury is often one of the most difficult experiences of your life and the anguish you go through is not a burden that you and your family must bear alone. If something has happened to you or your loved one, it is important for you to get help from experienced personal injury attorneys professionals who can talk with you about your options and help find a way to move forward. We handle personal injuries that involve spine injuries and paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, burn injures, fall injuries and wrongful death.

Our experience of working inside of insurance companies and healthcare companies provide us with a unique insight into the workings of these industries and guide us in the best way to approach these claims for our clients. Please contact us to discuss how we might work to maximize the financial recovery for your or your loved one as a result of the reckless or negligent acts of others.

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In every industry where the government pays for goods and services, there is an opportunity for fraudulent charges. By filing "qui tam" lawsuits pursuant to the False Claims Act, whistleblowers help stop fraud and return billions of dollars to the government. In the realm of healthcare, whistleblowers not only protect the viability of our health care system but often help save the lives of patients. Whistleblowers are protected under the law and have received millions of dollars in rewards under the False Claims Act.

The key to any qui tam is hiring a lawyer who understands the complex laws that determine if activity is fraudulent and more importantly, if the potential whistleblower has a claim that can be brought under the law. Too many times, attorneys unfamiliar with these laws mislead potential whistleblowers and virtually assure their case fails. The attorneys at Mann Blake & Jackson have decades of combined experience in working with the healthcare industry, banking industry, and with government contractors. We have also successfully represented whistleblowers and recovered millions of dollars for the United States and the whistleblower. This unique experience allows us to fully advise potential whistleblowers on their potential case.

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Contracts exist for the moment when the parties to it have a differing view on how business is to be conducted. In those moments, reasonable professionals are often able to avoid litigation by making rational decisions that are based on their needs at the time. Other times, however, either arbitration or litigation is necessary to enforce the contract or protect the terms of the business arrangement. Our attorneys have significant experience advising and representing clients facing business and contract litigation and arbitration in many different industries and scenarios, including:

  • Corporate and LLC disputes, minority oppression, and dissolution actions.
  • Disputes arising out of manager or managing agent's misconduct and embezzlement.
  • Supplier disputes, nonconforming products, and business interruption.
  • Sales disputes and failures to provide contracted services.
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices, improper competition and violation of trade secrets.
  • Insurer/agent and insurer/TPA disputes, and reinsurance disputes.
  • Intentional interference with contracts and business relationships, and defamation.


They say your home is your castle. For most of us, it is the most expensive thing we own and is our greatest lifetime investment. So very few things are more frustrating or emotionally challenging than buying a home only to discover latent defects in its construction. Whether the seller failed to disclose the problem or the builder's negligence left you with less than you bargained for, an experienced attorney can help you navigate your rights. Call us today and set up a free consultation to discuss your case.


Nursing homes and assisted living facilities care for our most vulnerable citizens. The decision to place a loved one in a facility is one of the most difficult ones any of us will face in our lifetimes. Nursing home and assisted living facilities have an obligation to care for their residents and patients according to their personal needs while ensuring the resident or patient maintains their highest possible level of independence, integrity and dignity. When nursing homes and assisted living facilities fail to meet this standard of care, disastrous results, including falls, bed sores, skin breakdown, unexplained injuries and rapid health decline, and often avoidable death occurs.

The attorneys at Mann Blake & Jackson have decades of combined experience defending and counseling nursing home and assisted living facilities. If your family member has suffered an injury or you suspect neglect or abuse, let us put this experience to work for you.

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Unfortunately, automobile accidents are one of the most frequent ways that people in South Carolina are injured. Careless or reckless driving, drunk driving, distracted driving and drivers disregarding the laws of our roads are all far-too-common sources of broken bones, soft tissue injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Dealing with insurance companies about who's at fault, what insurance is available to you and what the insurance companies owe you as a result of your injuries and pain and suffering very often requires legal expertise.

At Mann Blake & Jackson, we have significant experience with cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and trucking accidents. We understand insurance policies and insurance companies. We know how to pursue not only the at-fault driver's insurance, but also any Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Underinsured Motorist Protection (UIM) and Uninsured Motorist Protection (UM) claims you may have. And we don't stop there. Often the driver who hit you shouldn't have been on the road at all, and in those cases, we work tirelessly to pursue the bars and people who allowed an accident to happen that they could have easily prevented.

If you've been in accident, there are critical steps that need to happen as soon as possible:

  • Gathering evidence from the scene of the accident.
  • Discussing the accident with the responding officers and medical personnel.
  • Gathering witness statements.
  • Photographing the vehicles in the accident.
  • Documenting your medical treatment.
  • Photographing the injuries to you and the occupants of your vehicle.
  • Notifying the insurance companies of your claim.


South Carolina is an employer-friendly "right to work" state, but many employees have protections in employment contracts, under various state and federal employment, wage and overtime laws, and even their employer's handbooks and policies and procedures. Breach of employment contract, failure to timely pay full and fair wages, tips, and commissions, loss of overtime, retaliation, discrimination, wrongful terminatio, and harassment - when these issues arise, they require a thoughtful review by an attorney experienced in employment matters to determine whether an employee's rights have been violated. Our attorneys work to provide quality and timely service in order to resolve employment disputes and get our clients back on solid ground. Give us a call to set up a free consultation to see if we can help you recover.

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